What's My Rate?
Calculate your real-world rate for freelance web design/development.

How it Works

What's My Rate helps you calculate a realistic, sustainable hourly rate for your web development or web design services.

Be sure to enter a value for each category, even if it's "0". Your rate and minumum billable hours display after you enter all values; changing a value dynamically updates the values.

Target salary

The yearly gross salary you want. Remember: overhead, expenses and other costs are deducted from this.

Associated costs

(25-30% suggested)

Taxes, insurance, etc.

Time off

(176 hours suggested)

Holidays, vacation, sick days.

Non-billable time

(25% suggested)

Time when you're doing invoicing, marketing, sales, etc. Business-related work, but not "time off".


Rent, utilities, supplies, web hosting, etc.

Desired profit

(10% or more suggested)

Minimum percent profit you want, over salary. For example, for a $50,000 salary, you might want a 10% ($5,000) profit margin.

For a helpful discussion about calculating sustainable freelance rates (and why it's critical), please see this blog post.